Sunday, November 30, 2014

The mom scene...(sniff sniff)

{I wrote this draft over a year ago...decided to share it now, still applies today every bit as much as it did then!}

I always(man I seem to say that alot lately)! Toy Story 3...the mom scene...she has been running around getting Andy ready to leave for college...and she leads the way back into his bedroom saying "now, are you sure you have everything?"...and then "Oh....Andy..."the room is empty...and mama is suddenly hit by the reality that her boy is leaving..."I just wish I could always be with you..."  Yeah. that.

When that movie first came out, my sister was sending one off to college...and I had one graduating from high school and getting ready. I bawled...she bawled...the "mama letting go" thing is hard! But, this time...when I watched it, I was sitting with a two and very nearly a half year old boy and a two year old girl in my I still bawled...I still miss my older boys them so much. Ache for the days that went by too fast...seemed too few. But, this time...I realized, I get to do it all over again! What a thought! Lego's and funny faces and sweet little people hugs...stories and bedtime and up late wrapping up surprises for Christmas morning! All of it...I am SO grateful!

Friday, November 21, 2014

It has been forever! {And, intentional parenting}

Wow, last post was May?  Life flies by, doesn't it?  I would really like to be more intentional about blogging here...if for no other reason than the hope that someone will be encouraged!

Having said that, today I had this moment.

Most days I work really hard to parent my kids intentionally...and there does not seem to be much of an immediate payoff. But, today...I got a front row, up close and personal view of the payoff...

We have a play with your food, you get down and the meal is over(for you). Some days, I admit, I get irritated and slip into the "how many times do I have to tell you?" mode...pointless, but I do. Yes, I read the book "how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk" *years* ago. But, I still slip into that place of using too many words. 

Well, today...I didn't. Zoe knows the rule. She was putting her fingers in her cereal bowl and making a mess with milk. I opened my mouth to say the usual...and, instead, just said "Oh! Well, you are done." Got the wash cloth, cleaned her up, and got her down...well, when getting her down, she wrapped her little arms around my neck and just held on for a hug(not unusual, but, never would have happened if I had given in to the urge to vent frustration...she would have cried...she is VERYsensitive to tone and word)...I just stood there holding her, smelling her hair and thinking "I would have missed this." Yup...payoff, right there.  I wish I could do that every day...I mean, stuff like that is SO not going to matter in 10 years, you know? They WILL outgrow it, no reason to waste time and energy OR make them feel shame of any kind...and what other reason is there for responding with a verbal tirade??    I would rather have more hugs...Lets face it, if she is still putting her fingers in her cereal when she gets to won't be because she didn't get the message at some point that most folks don't appreciate that! hehe

So grateful that, for today, I chose hugs. 

Here are some recent pics of the kiddos(and even of us!)! Isaiah is now three and (almost) a half...and Zoe turned three just a week or so ago!!

Sleeping beauty...I love photographing this kid sleeping, she sleeps in some adorable positions!

This was the family party on her actual bday...

 Feeling bashful as everyone sang "Happy Birthday!"

Took her no time at all to figure out where that Tiara goes!! hahaha

And, yes, she really did fall asleep with it on that night! haha

3 year portraits, courtesy of mommy!

Family Vacation!!

 Thank God for wonderful sons who catch good moments! ;-) We'd never be on the same side of the camera at once!

 Looking back at mama...

 Mr. Handsome Isaiah!!

 Mr. Man turning 3 years old!

 Such a sweet face!

Nothing like Daddy time!!


Proud of his McQueen shoes!!

First trip to the Zoo....Isaiah and the Walrus were mutually fascinated!

it was a wonderful summer! We are still so amazed on a daily basis that God would choose to lead us into this life with these wonderful little people! 

Thanks for stopping by!

National Adoption Day 2014

With National Adoption month, goes National Adoption Day...many communities will be celebrating tomorrow while watching multiple families be born! Such fond memories! We just celebrated our 2 year "Famiversary" on November 17th.  That was NAD the year we adopted Isaiah and Zoe! In remembering, I thought I'd share our photo and video memories here!!

This is the video I put together in celebration of our journey!

Michelsen Family Adoption Story 2012

Note the baby swap in each photo! hehe...Zoe was trying to deal with her sensory issues and would reach for me...and then when that didn't work, reach for Daddy...and then back again! Folks were giggling in the audience the whole time! I think they started taking wagers on whether or not we'd swap again!


THEY are OURS! Forever!!

 Such a sweet face!!!

My older son had a rough time waiting for the day they would officially be ours forever! What a fierce love he has for his little brother and sister!!

If you are going to be celebrating the start of your forever family this National Adoption Day, CONGRATULATIONS from the Michelsen clan! And, many blessings on the road ahead!

If you have never been, go to your local event! It is a wonder to sit and watch miracle after miracle take place in one day! The culmination of so many dreams! 

and, thanks for stopping by! 

If you have a story to share, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments! I love hearing from other families who have shared this journey!