Monday, April 13, 2015

Lord, I my unbelief(and using your cell phone ALL of the time. Why not?)

So...there are a thousand posts out there about how we all use our cell phones too much. Parents spend too much time staring at the screen of their phone, and so on and so forth. True, we do...but, I don't really see that changing in a big way...there are too many benefits to having a smart phone for us all to put them down and walk(or even look) away for long.

My life is chaotic...I am sure most moms feel that way...and I *know* most special needs moms feel that way! We have to live in a pretty tight structure especially for our son, but within that tight structure...there is a ton of chaos. Never being able to predict what might trigger screaming or a melt down will leave you feeling like you are walking through a very organized mine field...with mines every 2.5 inches. It is way too easy for me to  lose sight of what matters when I am focused so tightly on getting through THIS moment. It leaves me tired that when I do get a moment to think, it isn't often healthy thinking...I revert to negative or obsessive thoughts that would not be such a problem if I were fully armed. It's just reality.

I look at my phone...a lot! I am alone with two three year olds much of the time and I crave adult input on a dozen levels at any point in my day. By the time my husband gets home I am ready to explode, but I still cannot just let it all out, because if I do...I am setting myself up for frustration because the interruptions are limitless.

SO, I look at my phone...waiting for a friend to text back, waiting for someone to respond to a comment or post, waiting...lots of waiting. Lots of distraction + lots of chaos = a lady who totally forgets to look to Jesus. I end up back in old habits of automatically trying to solve my own problems without thought...without looking to my source. Self reliance is a sure recipe for a lack of wisdom...something I simply cannot afford if I want to  be  the best possible mom for my kids.

My life is SO chaotic that I have gotten to the point of using calendar reminders to keep me on track for cleaning bathrooms, setting out food to defrost for dinner, changing laundry and even brushing my own teeth...And, more recently keeping in mind what my goals are with my kids. 

My phone is not only my brain, it is often what reminds me to direct my heart in any given moment.  Which is why I have started using it to arm myself, mind and heart. I have calendar alerts set that say "Remember Jesus!! Look up!"  and, "My  resources are not depleted because God is my source!" , I am starting to add quotes of scripture, and other reminders. Why not? I already use it...I am already dependent on it to help me stay focused!

So, I are going to use it anyway...use it to help you remember what *really* matters!

Like this...

and this
and especially this...