Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A "Better" Mom...

There is this beautiful video going around the web that was created to be a tribute to stay at home moms.

This Kid Just Called His Mom an Angel...

I love it. Truly the stuff of every day life...I fact, I cried the first four times I watched it in a row.  I know what you're thinking..."the big sap"...or "aww...she's so sentimental". Well, if that is what you were thinking, you'd be I cried, I found myself praying, over and over..."Lord, help me to be a better mom! I want to be a better mom than I am!"  Yup...every single time. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the creators intent...but, it was my gut level response to the video...

So, all of that leads me to a question..."what does a 'better' mom look like?"   I want to be a better mom. But, what does that mean?  More real face time with my kids? Does it mean a cleaner house? Or a messier house? Does it mean I never lose my patience? Cause, if that is the definition...then it's a good thing I believe in a BIG God, cause I am in trouble.  My house is clean enough to be healthy(although, I wouldn't suggest eating off the floor most days). But, I have never had a day when I was ok with dirty/messy/, that old saying "Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy!"  ???Yeah, I don't get that one...I feel the guilt...I feel the dirt...I feel pressure to have everything beautifully organized and each item in it's place. Reality? That isn't where I live...not even close! There is never a day when I feel like I have it all done...all straightened...all cleaned...organized(what is that exactly?)...not one. I can't sit down to relax without feeling like I should be doing something. And, there is always something I could be doing!   So, honestly, tell me...I am asking my readers(if you're still out there!haha) to tell me. What does a "better" mom look like in real life? Remind me what matters most...what counts in the very end of it all...cause apparently, I am, once again, having trouble with grasping those concepts...I want to be a better mom. But, I'm pretty sure I don't know how.

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  1. I think you are a wonderful mom and that "better mom" is just a myth we all need to let go of.


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