Sunday, August 18, 2013

Remembering to be...

I have been thinking about our purpose for such a long time. I know that everything under the sun exists for a reason.  I may not know every reason...but, I know I was created to love and be loved by my Abba...and to love those around me.  I don't believe I was created to be hurried, rushed,, doing, doing. I was created to BE...yet in the storms of life(or even the mundane), I forget so easily!

I have especially noticed this lately with my little ones...I am always in "let's get this done" mode. Now that they are hitting 2 years of age...they are developing independent little spirits. It is FAR better to *engage* them in what I am doing...invite them to participate, rather than force them to submit to hair combing or changes in clothing or whatever else it is that I am "just trying to get done".

My kiddos have a purpose, too. They are separate little people with their own facets of God's character...and they need to be allowed to BE. I honestly do not want to teach them to be "human doings".  That isn't the job God has given to me!  I need to *live* and teach by example...they need to *see* how to live for God in everything. And...honestly...just *how to live* to be...not just what and how to DO all of the menial little tasks that make up daily life.

Last night, I experienced a living illustration of what it means to live for your purpose.  My husband and I stood on our front step under the overhanging, watching and listening to a thunderstorm. It was incredible! HUGE flashes of lightning causing a brief moment of daylight in the darkness...loud crashes of thunder...and the pounding rain all around us.  And, suddenly, I was aware of the song of crickets! I could hear crickets just underneath the pounding rain and was only for a moment, but, it was enough to tell me, that in spite of any spite of the apparent chaos around them...those crickets were singing their song. They know why they are here. They know their purpose...and they carried on, regardless of the storm. How beautiful is that?

Can you hear them?? I love it!

I want to be more like them...I want to be able to remember my purpose and keep on singing no matter what storms surround me!